How safe are betting sites?

How safe are online Casinos

Find Out A Safe Casino

The question ‘How Safe Are Betting Sites’ is like asking ‘Is e-commerce safe?’ the answer is pretty much the same: it depends a lot on the website in question!

There are very serious online stores that offer great promotions and discounts and deliver everything within the deadlines they promise – the same happens with casinos and their services, some companies will allow the players to withdraw their winnings with no problems while others will invent absurd excuses to keep the money with them.

How to Find a Safe Casino

Reputation is very important but there are websites that aren’t very honest, which means if you come across a weird website where all the bookies and casinos at the top of a ranking of reviews are completely new to you, you may be looking at a review that isn’t quite honest and was ‘bought’ by that website.

If, however you find the same brand receiving nice reviews from major prestigious affiliate websites and you can find the presence of that brand sponsoring events or sports teams then you have more elements to trust that operator.

Sponsorship Doesn’t Mean Safety

Paying for prestigious spots of advertisement however doesn’t mean you are seeing a trustable brand, the industry of casinos has seen some cases in the past of obscure operators becoming famous because of major investments made almost overnight to become relevant in terms of marketing exposure but they vanished as fast as they appeared.

Test A Casino Yourself

If you hear good things about an operator and you are confident a good casino like Eaglebet is worth a try, do that in a way you feel comfortable: make some smaller bets to test the system and when you are more confident increase the amount of money you bet there.

What Screams ‘Danger’ In the Casino World

While some shady brands may be harder to identify as dangerous companies, some stuff really stands out when it comes to flagging a bad operator. Some people simply believe in things that are too good to be true and there are some easy ‘baits’ out there to lure this kind of customer: if you come across bonus offers that are too good to be true, they probably aren’t honest ones.

Deposit bonuses in the house of 1000% or free spins in the house of 200 or even bigger than 4 figures should make you research a lot before wasting time with that website: at times the website will work just ok but when you try to withdraw you will have a bad surprise: the operator will say absurd things like you are trying to launder money because they’ve checked your identify and found out bad things about you – these stories happen all the time and shady companies claiming to just be obeying anti-money laundering laws keep the money deposited by bettors for themselves.


If you see a license number at the bottom of a casino website, google the number and find out if the license is active at the moment. Betting only with licensed operators is a great idea to keep safe in the world of online casinos.