How to use free spins on slot games

How to Use Free Spins on Slot Games

Enhance Your Chances of Winning

Free spins are great opportunities to win more at slots, and you should know how to obtain them and use them as much as possible.

These bonuses work in a straightforward process: to spin the reels of the slot for free, at times with enhanced chances of winning and even guaranteed profits depending on the virtual machine you are using.

Let’s learn about the two kinds of free spins available, and you should make the most of them maximize your chances of winning big:

Free Spin Bonus

These free spins are given to attract new players; they usually are part of a welcome bonus that can either be a one-off or a more complex ‘welcome package’.

In the first case, things work: you make a deposit and depending on how much you deposit, you are rewarded with free spins. There usually is a balance when it comes to free spins and deposit bonuses, i.e. the houses that offer more free spins offer less ‘deposit bonus’. In essence, they can similarly benefit you. If you receive a good amount of money as a percentage of the deposit bonus, you can use that money to spin the reels which means all kinds of welcome bonuses can be converted into a ‘free spin’ at the end of the day.

Make sure you understand where a welcome bonus can be used. Some websites have distinct sections such as sportsbook, slots, bingo, poker and lottery and not all of them have a ‘shared balance’ or ‘universal bonus’ sometimes the bonuses are focused at a specific section of the website.

Some websites offer free spins that apply only to popular games such as Starburst, Book of the Dead or Gonzo’s Quest – the reason is related to marketing strategies as the games are displayed at the banners on the site.

Free Spins Within the Slot

There’s a myriad of slot games out there these days, and they are quite different when it comes to bonus features: some games are way more generous than others in that sense, and one of the most exciting bonuses features are the free spins.

The free spins can be obtained in many different ways depending on the game. Conventional ‘systems’ include ‘at random’ i.e. you can win free spins at any time for no reason, that may be ‘given’ by a character of the game appearing out of the blue.

Landing a specific number of Scatters reward the player with free spins, wilds may do that too, expanding wilds may also be sources of free spins.

It is good to read game reviews and find out what games are more interesting in terms of bonus features like free spins as they enhance the chances of profiting significantly.


Whether you make use of a bonus or bet using a slot full of possibilities to win free spins, you should focus on spinning reels for free: there’s nothing better than that to enhance your chances of winning big!