3 hand hold’em

Software developers Play N Go have released a number of online games where traditional slot machines meet casino classics. 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em is one of the newest titles in the range and this fast-paced version of poker has been drawing a big audience since its release in September 2019.

With three chances to beat the dealer, there are more options for winning cash so let’s see what it takes to land a prize.


This game is based on the classic variant of Texas Hold’em and it’s a perfect and quick way for slot lovers to play a streamlined version. There are no other competitors in the ‘room’ so it really is a straight battle between player and dealer but there is a twist. With three hands in play to the dealer’s one, the odds are more tilted in your favour and that’s why this upgrade is proving such a big hit.

Before the start of each round, the player stakes an ante bet. This can be done on one, two or all three of the hands so you can keep control of your bankroll when you need to. Once those bets are confirmed, the dealer will deal two face up cards on each of your hands.

The dealer then receives two, face down cards, before three Community Cards are dealt face up. At this point, the player has to assess the likelihood of landing a winning hand and they have to call, or fold as appropriate. If they call, a call bet of 2x the ante bet needs to be wagered. Once this is down, two final Community Cards are dealt face up and if the player has one or more winning hands, they will be paid out.

Bonus Betting

3 Hand Casino Hold’em is not a traditional slot game so there are no reels, pay-lines or additional rounds. However, there is one bonus feature in this title and it’s known as an AA Bonus Bet. This is an optional add-on and it can be placed at the start of each round, before the initial two cards are dealt.

If players want to proceed, they simply click on the AA Bonus feature, choose their stake and once the first three community cards have been dealt, there will be an automatic payout on a hand which reveals a Pair of Aces or better.

Deal You In?

A basic knowledge of poker is needed, particularly in order to identify the scale of winning hands, but it’s easy to pick up and there are free trials out there.

As for 3 Hand Casino Hold’em from Play N Go, it comes with a sound Return to Player (RTP) level of 94.34% so it can be a regular payer for some lucky punters. Single hand versions of this game do exist but because of that opportunity to play with three hands at once, the chances of beating the dealer are increased and that’s the main reason why this release has quickly become one of the most popular poker slots online.