Big win cat

Big Win Cat is a reliable and popular slot game that is known to many casino-lovers and bettors alike. It has been developed by famous company Play’n Go and since the company has been known in the field for many years, it is bound to make games that players can rely on. Since Play’n Go slots work on all the platforms like PC, Android and Apple, Big Win Cat can also be accessed on all such platforms.

The game is themed and based around an Asian novelty shop. It draws some inspiration from the Asian world and has symbols about things that one may find in an Asian novelty shop itself. The gameplay of Big Win Cat is easy to understand and us at offer many such reliable slot game and betting website reviews.

Big Win Cat has an RTP of 96.0 percent. That is pretty standard and usual for most Play’n Go games so it is hardly a surprise at all.

How to play

Big Win Cat has a series of symbols pertaining to Chinese culture. The main aim of the game is to arrange these symbols on the reels. The slot game has a total of three reels and consists of five paylines, making it easy to understand for players online.

The symbols in this game include golden coins, fans, goldish, turtles and pigs. While these aren’t high-paying symbols, the lucky white cat is the most lucrative symbol in the game. The highest winning in the game is 800x the original stake and it also has the potential for a high jackpot winning, making it very exciting for players and bettors to play.

Bonus game

Bin Win Cat has a bonus game in it too, making it even more interesting despite being a simple game. This gets triggered when players manage to get matching symbols on all reels- basically getting a full house. Succeeding in this regard leads to the opening of the bonus game, which is called the Wheel of Fortune. Winning that bonus game allows players to win as much as 10x their original bet.

Bonus features

The lucky white cat, as the name suggests, has the potential to help bettors earn big. If players manage to arrange the wild white cat symbol. This triggers a re-spin option, with the help of which the stacked symbols stick the screen for the next few spins.

After every spin, the chance of winning increases as there are already stacked symbols on the other reels. This option can be triggered many times on the game and this is one reason why the game is well known for generating reliable rewards for players.

Us at rank Big Win Cat high in many regards, especially the bonus features. We offer many more such amazing betting website reviews and slot game reviews. Not just that, but we also have some great betting and promotional bonus offers from many other websites.