Crime scene

Crime documentaries and TV shows have certainly been appealing to many viewers around the world, with the CSI series franchise and true documentaries certainly sparking the interest to a global scale.

NetEnt have certainly tried to jump on the growing popularity trends that these genres have created over the years and have been able to produce the Crime Scene slot game. Played on the aftermath of a crime scene, the game displays some incredible graphics that show the title in a really effective way.

For players that want to combine their love of crime dramas and documentaries and their love for slot games, we have compiled a detailed Crime Scene slot game review in which we have managed to highlight some of the most important things to know and how the game should be played.

RTP (return to player)

Games from developer NetEnt tend to normally feature a rather favourable return to player rate (RTP) for bettors that use their titles and Crime Scene certainly does not disappoint on that front. The RTP is set at a high 96.7%, therefore providing players with the opportunity to maximise their chances of coming away with a win.


The background on which the grid is displayed might give players an uneasy feeling (especially those not used to crime dramas) as there is a body bag lying in a dark alley with a police tape around the area, whilst some of the symbols represent things that can be associated with a crime scene as well.

However, our Crime Scene slot review has found that the gameplay is incredibly smooth and it is exceptionally easy for players to get into the nitty-gritty action that a crime scene can provide them.

There are +/- buttons next to the ‘Coin Value’ button that allows bettors to set the denomination that they want to bet, whilst the ‘Level’ button will allow players to set how many sets of 15 coins they want to bet with.

Players have three different options of playing the Crime Scene slot as well, with three buttons available. The circular spin button allows players to play one spin at a time, the ‘Max Bet’ button allows players to spin the reels with the maximum bet. ‘Auto Play’ is also available, which will allow bettors to play multiple spins for a duration.

Feature Bonuses

Whilst conducting our review of the game, we managed to find some great Crime Scene bonus features that are available to players.

If bettors are able to land upon 3 or more bonus symbols (white fingerprints on a blue background), they will be taken to a high-tech forensics lab where they have the possibility of winning big.

Bettors will be able to click on images of blue folders where they will have a chance of winning coins, landing on a second chance symbol to keep the feature rolling or a Evidence symbol – which provides players with an additional coins win. A ‘Red X’ symbol, though, will end the Crime Scene bonus feature.

Once the bonus round comes to an end, the Crime Scene bonus features do not stop coming. A screen will appear that allows bettors to choose from four separate envelopes. These range from extra coin rewards, a 2x multiplier that boosts the entire winnings made from the game, or for those that are lucky, a return to the bonus feature to try their luck once again.

Our Crime Scene Review

For anybody who has a love for crime scene-related entertainment, then NetEnt’s offering of Crime Scene should certainly be in a player’s rotation moving forward. With some extraordinary graphics and non-complex gameplay, coupled with the Crime Scene bonus features found in this review, it is a game we can not recommend highly enough. Play free play here, to have a trial.