Crystal Sun

The Crystal Sun slot game is a very well-known slot game available on many betting websites. Provided by Play’n Go, Crystal Sun seems like an upgrade on a previous game from the same company and it was called ‘Starburst’. The theme of the game is space and the universe. Every symbol in the game relates to space and can be a planet, stars or the sun.

The game doesn’t just have all that, but it often has planets and debris floating about in the background.

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Crystal Sun is known for high volatility and variance and it has an RTP that can fluctuate from as much as 96.6% to 94%. In that sense, players are likely to win huge rewards on this game if they do end up on the winning side.

How to play

Crystal Sun features a total of five reels and consists of 20 paylines. The five reels are a regular for many slot games, but 20 paylines are a reflection of how this game can help bettors potentially earn big rewards.

The main idea of the game is pretty easy- like the other slot games. Players have to keep spinning to make sure that they arrange the symbols across the reels. These help them earn more. More the value of the symbols, higher is the multiplier on their potential rewards.

There are five planet symbols that are normal symbols. They don’t pay too much. There is a 7 symbol, diamond symbol and a wild star symbol as well. The diamond symbol is the highest paying one in the game. When players arrange five diamond symbols on the reel, they can earn 16x their original stake.

Bonus features

The wild star card operates slightly differently, when compared to the other symbols. When players get a winning combination with that, the star symbol replaces the symbols around it and it has the potential to add multipliers of 1x to 3x.

There is a re-spin feature that can often get activated on the game. If the wild symbol lands on the central reel, the re-spin feature gets triggered. When this happens, these wild symbols stick to the reels and keep adding on as the spins come by. This offers a huge chance to players for multiplying their rewards by 4000x times the original stake.

The number of potential bonuses in the game show why it has high volatility. But at the same time, players can depend on Crystal Sun once they get the trick and start winning. That is key to winning regularly.

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