Imperial opera

Imperial Opera Slot game is a fun game set in Chinese folklore provided by Play N’go, which operates along a traditional five reel format. It combines enjoyment with serious potential to win huge profits, and as such is definitely a game worth considering for many an online bettor.

About the game

Released in 2018, Imperial Opera Slot game is, as the name suggests, set in a chinese opera house. Along with the traditional 10, J, Q, K and A representing the top five cards in a standard deck of cards, players will also see several symbols of people in costume. Some are designed as Chinese deities, whilst other religious figures such as monks are also present. The most valuable symbol, however, is the princess wild. As with any other wild, the princess will substitute for other symbols in order to further enhance your already high chances of winning. Find five of her on any payline, however, and you are rewarded with 500x your original stake.

There are several special features of Imperial Opera, including harmony, crescendo and showcase. The Harmony feature ensures that two reels synchronize and show identical symbols. Crescendo randomly turns between one and two reels into entirely wild reels, further increasing your chances of winning. The showcase feature randomly chooses one symbol from the screen and duplicates it across an entire stack. Each of these three features, whilst not unique, make Imperial Opera stand out and increase your chances of winning big.

Return to Player and possible winnings

The return to player referenced in any slot game review is simply the amount of money returned by the game to the player base, and is usually expressed as a percentage. For Imperial Opera slot games, this stands at a very high 96.5%. This means that on average, €965 of every €1000 spent will find its way back to the playerbase, through regular returns and big jackpots. This does not mean that this percentage will be specific to you, however, and it is still extremely important to gamble responsibly and not chase your losses.

Before you commit money to Imperial Opera slot game, we strongly recommend that you give Imperial Opera free play a chance, in order to decide whether it is the type of slot game which you will enjoy. Whilst reviews are informative, nothing comes close to experiencing the game yourself.

How much can you win though?

Each spin of Imperial Opera can be powered by just €0.20, whilst those with bigger budgets chasing bigger wins can stake up to €100 per spin. This means that the game is readily accessible for any online bettors, and offers an opportunity to while away an afternoon whilst not breaking the bank. The potential rewards stand at 2500x your original stake, meaning that it is theoretically possible to walk away with a whopping €250,000 if you play with a maximum stake. With the game’s 20 paylines, there is plenty of potential to win money even if you are unable to scoop this massive jackpot, whilst the high RTP ensures that you are, at least statistically, unlikely to lose too much money even if you fail to scoop a jackpot.

Final Verdict

We think that the Imperial Opera slot game is definitely one that most people should consider, as it offers a great deal of special features at a very good RTP. We suggest that prospective bettors give Imperial Opera free play a spin before committing their money into this slot game, however if you choose to go straight to the full version, we don’t think that you will be disappointed.