Iron girl

Iron Girl is a space hero vigilante who steals the hearts and imaginations of all who play this sci-fi themed slots game. She is an iron-clad bounty hunter, out to collect the prices on the head of all the villains who hide within this exciting game. Five reels, three rows, and 20 pay lines make this a classic slot game with a futuristic twist.

Iron Girl captures the retro feel of the late eighties arcade games but with the added bonus of a striking female protagonist and the risk factor of gambling to save the day. The symbols are simple, in a range of primary colours, yet at no point does it feel like this game is dumbing down. This minimalist feel only adds to the sci-fi vibe and is reminiscent of the touch screen controls on your very own spaceship.

Who created Iron Girl?

Iron Girl is the brainchild of experienced slots masters Play’n GO. Play N Go has created slots on a variety of historical and mythological themes, so it’s only fitting that they dive into the futuristic world of science fiction with as much gusto as they have paid to the past. While this game is not as feature-rich as some of the more established offerings, the slick graphics and cool theme more than makeup for this. It’s another solid offering from this experienced digital gaming studio.

Iron Girl players: what they get

Bets range from as little as 20p all the way up to £100. This means players can dip their toes to experience the feel and energy of Iron Girl’s world. Or, for higher rollers, big bets could mean even bigger wins. It’s all about what kind of funds you have and how comfortable you are with slots. But this range of bets means Iron Girl is suitable for absolute beginners and experienced slot fans alike.

The Return to Player (RTP) is 96%, which is pretty standard for games created by Play N GO. There are plenty of options to win big, with payouts reaching up to 1000 times the initial stake in certain circumstances.

Iron Girl bonus features

Villain Re-spins take Iron Girl’s quest to defeat crime and turn it into a money-making scheme for the player. 3 matching wanted villains may trigger this re-spin feature, which can be extended depending upon how many more villains appear. Multipliers abound in this feature, so winnings can be multiplied by up to five times.

Bounty Bonus occurs after the villain re-spin feature has ended. The Bounty Bonus changes depending upon the amount of ‘Sticky Villains’ Iron Girl has managed to collect. Bonuses include Iron Girl Wild Cards and a range of multipliers.

There aren’t as many bonus features in this sci-fi slots offering as some others by Play N GO, but the solid theme, exciting characters, and exhilaration of the bounty hunter life more than makeup for this.