Mahjong 88

Another game from Play N Go, Mahjong 88 is a little different from most slot games in that it’s based on one of the world’s oldest games. Mahjong is a tile game that’s said to have originated in China over 2,500 years ago, and Play N Go’s slot version tries to emulate the game as well as possible. It’s a grid slot game, which means it looks a little different to most online slots, with an 8×8 grid of tiles instead of reels; the tiles don’t spin around like reels do in regular slots, instead, they simply turn over to reveal new tiles and hopefully snag you a win.


Unlike regular slots, where players usually have to win by forming combinations of symbols across pay lines, in Mahjong 88 players win by forming clusters of identical symbols – a little like in the original Mahjong. Symbols on the tiles mirror pretty realistically the tiles in traditional Mahjong, including bams, dots, flowers, and seasonal wilds. Players can win up to 500x their original stake if they bag 12 or more lotus flower tiles in a cluster. If you’re used to playing reel slots and have never tried grid slots before, it’s difficult to really envision the game-play, but Mahjong 88 is a good one to try if you’re looking for an introduction to the genre.

Special features

What makes Mahjong 88 a little different than traditional Mahjong – except for the fact that it’s a slot game – is its bonus features, including the Fortune Frog and Super Charge bonuses. The Fortune Frog meter is filled every time you land a winning combo; when the meter is filled by 88 or more winning symbols, Super Charge is triggered. This means that all winning combinations formed while the meter is Super Charged are multiplied by 5; this can lead to some pretty big wins and is well worth building up to.

Mobile play

Mahjong 88 plays well in a mobile browser on various platforms, including both iOS and Android. If you prefer to play on the go, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a quick game of Mahjong 88 on your phone at lunch, though the game’s 8×8 grid is a little more complex than most simple reel slot games and so benefits from the slightly larger displays of tablets and computers.

Return to player

Like other slot games, Mahjong 88 has an average return to player (RTP), which can give you an idea of how much money you can expect to make back while playing. The RTP is a perfectly respectable 96.62%, which is a little above average for slot games and means that your chances of making a profit playing this slot are certainly no worse than with any other online slot game.

The final verdict

Mahjong 88 is a great introduction to grid slot games for players yet to experience them, and it will hold particular appeal for players keen on traditional games. With a decent RTP and some nice bonus features, it might also create some converts, though for many slots players Mahjong 88 might be a little too different to regular slots to hit the spot.