Mega fortune

Mega Fortune Slot Game

This progressive video slot is not one of the greatest ones in terms of graphical elements if you consider the standard of quality that NetEnt usually demonstrates with their releases; the symbols are random ones that are related to the world of the wealthy such as champagne, luxury cars and other expensive things.


This game features 5 reels and 25 paylines and the RTP is of 96.6% which is a good number for a progressive game; the coin size can be of 0.01 up to 0.5 and the number of coins per line can be of 1 up to 4.

The game has got all the elements that slots fans love such as the Wild Symbol, the Scatter Symbol, Bonus game, free spins and multipliers.

Mobile Gameplay

Mega Fortune is a simple game and that makes it even easier to play it using a mobile; if you haven’t tried yet we encourage you to spin the reels of Mega Fortune using a device such as a smart phone or a tablet; the game isn’t tiring to the eyes which means it could be a good option for some coffee break betting time.

How to Play Mega Fortune

This game is quite simple to play like most NetEnt virtual machines, the progressive game requires only that you adjust the financial aspects of your bet before the reels start spinning and you can hope for the big win.

The Bet Level and Coin Value buttons work just like any other casino game – they allow you to adjust the financial value of your stake using the concepts of level and coin. If you are not familiar with these concepts don’t worry, we will explain: level is just a button that will increase the value of the bet and the same applies to the coin, the concept of coin has to do with the way the first slots worked, i.e. with physical coins.

Our team of casino experts prefer the games that use amounts of money set directly in Euros instead of the coin concept but the fact is undeniable: about 65% of the games still use the coins and bettors that want to explore the world of slots should grasp how it works instead of just playing the simple games.


This game is somewhat popular among gamblers that like simple games and the fact that it is a genuine NetEnt product means it is well coded and the numbers are honest and not make-believe ones.

This game is good to bet on your way home while you commute or anywhere else you rather bet using a mobile; the numbers of the game are good and the RTP is great considering that it is a progressive jackpot game.

This is one of those virtual slot game machines that have something for all kinds of bettors, the ones that like to have fun while they try to profit and the ones that focus on the money and the numbers.

In sum, Mega Fortune is worth a test even though it is not one of the most inspired games brought to you by NetEnt. review here