Money wheel

Money Wheel video slot game is one of a kind as Play ‘N Go have managed to produce one top quality slot game by combining three classic games into one. They also also managed to provide players with the ever-popular Chinese theme as well.

Our Money Wheel slot game review will provide an in-depth introduction to what players can expect when they take on this slot game from the industry-leading Scandinavian developers, whilst also highlighting all the key information they need to know about before taking on this game.


Following the Chinese theme, this Play ‘N Go title has provided players with the chance to combine the classic casino games of Blackjack and Roulette with the classic TV show Wheel of Fortune for a rather unique experience.

Wagers are placed the same as they would be when playing Blackjack, whilst bets are placed on where the wheel will stop – the same in regards to Roulette. Those bets can be placed as little as €1, whereas those who like playing with higher stakes can place as much as €500 per spin of the wheel. Denominations included €1, €5, €10, €25 and €100 – with five coins being able to be used for the game.

In addition to the values being on offer, other advantages can include the fact that there are no other buttons on the board that players need to think about, therefore allowing for the user to be able to solely focus on the action. Thus, making the gameplay experience rather easy for players to get straight down to trying to win some winnings.

Feature Bonuses

Play ‘N Go usually include a number of top bonus features in their games, however their Money Wheel slot game does not have any that players can look to try and make the most out of in this game. Nonetheless, there are some great Money Wheel slot game bonuses available within the title in regards to the payouts that are on offer.

Although they can vary, there is the chance for players to earn 45x their original bet if they are able to land on the ‘Star’ and the ‘Joker’ – symbols that are represented by the dragon and the flower symbols on the board where the bets are placed originally. Other payouts are relatively self-explanatory, as they correlate to the values that are shown on the board and provide multiples of that figure.

RTP (return to player)

The minimum return to player (RTP) rate is set at a rather low 80% – which compared to a number of Play ‘N Go’s other slot games is low by some standard – however it does increase up to 92%; which again is a little on the low side.

On average, it would appear the Money Wheel slot game’s RTP rate is around 88%. Nonetheless, it is still an highly inventive game that can provide players with bundles of fun, especially those that have a passion for all things Blackjack and Roulette.