Multifruit 81

Multifruit 81 slot game is a very interesting and fun slot game that is available on the market today. Created by the prominent slot game company Play’n Go, Multifruit 81 is a mix of the old and new styles of slot game creation. Like many other Play’n Go games it is available on multiple platforms. This includes IOS, Android and PC. Players can certainly rely on this game with their money and their bets.

This Multifruit 81 slot game review is available to players to educate them about this game and give them more information about how it works. We also provide information about the instructions of this game, the bonuses it has to offer and how much players can potentially win on this slot game. You can play a Multifruit 81 free play version on this page to trial out the game for yourself.

How to play

The best thing about Multifruit 81 slot game is that it is very easy to understand. This is usually done to attract more players so that they can play this game and earn money in a much more easy manner. This game also has low variation and initially, it gives the look of being a retro game.

And in many ways, it does carry a retro theme as well. Like the slot games of the old days, it has the theme of fruits and has many of them on the reels. It has a green and black background and that adds the idea of it being a retro game.

There are 81 different ways of winning on this game- as the name suggests. It has an RTP of 96.50 and the minimum bet is at 0.01, with the maximum bet standing at 50 credits per game.

The idea is to land the symbols into an order. The combinations lead to rewards, depending on the value of the symbol and the type of symbol it is. The highest reward on this game helps players earn 200x times their original stake and this says a lot about the game’s potential to pay big to players.

Bonus features

While the fruit symbols on this game are very common like the old retro games. But the most important symbol on this game is the joker symbol which appears quite often on the game and has the highest potential to pay big as well.

This also called the wild card symbol on the game and when combined with the other symbols, it has the capacity to pay a high amount back to the players. There is a random approach to this symbol and it can turn up at many times on the reel. So it is key to use this symbol properly and on a regular basis.

Multifruit 81 slot game review

In many ways, players can rely on this game and expect some sort of return as well till the time they understand how the game works. It has a simple concept and that is very attractive for many players. We really recommend players to check this game out soon.