Prissy princess

Prissy Princess Slot Game is yet another interesting and addictive slot game by Play’n Go, the market leaders of online slot-gaming. With a medieval theme and dynamic animations, Prissy Princess Slot Game brings you full-on amusement in addition to the prizes.

Combining an interesting story-plot with the fun of slot-gaming, Prissy Princess Slot Game is able to take you to the fairy-land that contains princesses, knights, fire-breathing dragons, and crumbling towers. To see what this game offers in total, let’s jump into this Prissy Princess Slot Game Review.

The interface and gameplay

Similar to many Play’n Go slot games, Prissy Princess Slot Game always has room for action with eye-catching symbols and animations accompanied by matching music in the background. The game makes use of 12 expanding symbols and fire-breathing dragons, and houses 5 reels with 20 fixed paylines and 3 rows. The symbols are divided into scatters, higher-paying symbols, and lower-paying symbols. Scatters include green, blue, and red flags, three fearless knights are higher-paying symbols, and six armours and symbols make up the lower-paying symbols.

The main aim of the game revolves around spinning the slot to form winning combinations. In this regard, Prissy Princess Slot Game relates to its medieval and fairy-land adventures, as the winning combinations correspond to saving the princess from dragons and stealing the treasure that the dragon occupies. The three-knights are go-to symbols and are more powerful when they appear in your winning combination.

The bet can vary from €0.20 to €100 per spin, making Prissy Princess Slot game accessible to both beginners and experienced groups of people.

The wild symbols and bonus features

Prissy Princess Slot Game contains two major wild symbols, the Prissy Princess and Red Wild Dragon. The Prissy Princess slot symbol is the standard wild symbol like other slot games, whereas Red Wild Dragon is responsible for two vital bonus features: Dragon’s Breath and Dragon’s Pride.

The Dragon’s Breath feature allows you to spew the Dragon’s breath over three random symbols, turning them into wilds when no paylines occur in the spin.

The Dragon’s Pride Feature shows up when three knights appear in a single reel, taking the knight’s places and substituting the other symbols to create a winning combination.

Similarly, the ‘crumbling-tower’ feature of the game makes up for regular free spin slot game features. If any reel contains a position that is a part of the set winning combination, the crumbling tower feature comes into play. Only the reel with matching position will crumble and re-spin, keeping the rest reels constant. This feature can be triggered four times in total during the gameplay. Landing four crumbling tower features in a row will trigger Treasure Chest feature, bringing you upto 100x multiplier to your total re-spin wins. Why not have a trial game before you part with your hard earned cash on the Prissy Princess Free Play version available on this page today?

What is the RTP?

The Return to Player (RTP) value of this game is 96.56%, meaning you’re assured 96.56 returns on every 100 credit that you bet in this game. However, with a mixture of courage, strategy, and luck, you can free the Prissy Princess and return with huge rewards!