Rise of olympus

Rise of Olympus is a slot-based casino game based in Greek Mythology. Released in 2018, the game centres around the three brother-Gods in Ancient Greek religion; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.

Who are these Gods?


The most important God in Greek Mythology, Zeus is King of the Gods and is the God of the sky and of thunder. He is depicted in most mythology holding a lightning bolt. In Rise of Olympus, he is shown as a muscly bearded man, who wears a golden crown. He is also depicted through the symbol of lightning.


Poseidon is traditionally the God of the sea, as well as the God of horses. Brother of Zeus, he was also one of the twelve main deities in the Ancient Greek world. In this slot game, he is shown wearing a trident-crown, the trident being the main symbol associated with this God. His slot pieces also show a green trident.


Hades is perhaps the least liked of the twelve Gods, and is the God associated with death and the underworld. However, in Rise of Olympus he is prominent, represented by a cloaked figure, as well as a horned helmet.

How does the game work?

Rise of Olympus is a 5×5 slot machine game, in which players aim to try and match three or more symbols horizontally or vertically in order to win. Although this seems simple enough, the slot volatility is extremely high, which can result in big wins very quickly. At any point, the wrath of the gods may be unleashed, providing free spins, destroying non-winning symbols or creating more wilds (special slots).

There is also the opportunity to unleash the “Wrath of the Gods” when available, which applies all of each God’s bonuses to the board, significantly increasing your chances of creating the connections needed to win big on this slot game.

Whilst there are only 25 slots available at one time, the volatility of these slots means that they are quickly replaced and exchanged for new ones, significantly increasing your prospects of winning big. For each consecutive win, your multiplier is increased for the following spin, meaning that the chances of winning bigger only increase as you continue to play.

How much can I bet and get back?

Each spin can be powered by bets from as little as €0.20, with betting possible to maximum to €100. With the high slot volatility and the huge number of wilds and multipliers available in-game, the possible returns are huge, with an “ultra big win” being anything over €3500 returned to the player.

Where can I play the game?

This game is provided by Play’N GO and can be played on either android or IOS, on a whole range of devices from phones to computers and anything in between. The game is also available in thirty-seven languages, meaning that no matter where you are in the world, you can jump straight into the action and do battle with the Gods.

What is the RTP?

The Return to Player (RTP) on this game stands at a very high 96%. This means that on average, for every €100 bet by players, €96.00 will be returned to players across all betting sites.