Sea hunter

Sea Hunter slot game is another one of Play’n Go’s excellent slot game creations and it is pretty well-known to bettors and casino-lovers alike. While the theme of the game is pretty clear from the name of the slot itself, the game is available on many platforms like multiple other Play’n Go games. Players can enjoy Sea Hunter on PC, Android and even Apple.

The theme of the game derives inspiration from the creatures and things breathing in the sea. This includes fishes, stingrays and octopuses. The game carries a very light and pleasing look, making it visually appealing for players to get on it and potentially earn big.

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How to play

Sea Hunter slot game is very easy to understand- like many other Play’n go slot games. It carries only three slots, making it uncomplicated and easy to play. It has five paylines and has an RTP of 96.63- which is pretty standard for the company that provides this game.

The game has some sort of volatility in it and the RTP shows that. This means that players have the chance to win big, if they do end up winning something in the game. The multipliers allow for huge rewards on the original bet.

The background of the game is dynamic and has sea creatures swimming behind the reels. The reels in the game have a cannon on each side. They help a lot in increasing the potential rewards later in the game.

Bonus features

The game has a fair share of bonus features available. The large and submergible ball that looks like an explosive device in the wild symbol of Sea Hunter. It has the ability to substitute itself for all the other symbols in the game.

The cannons have a meter close to them. These meters fill up every time players land a win. But when players get a non-winning spin, this meter goes back to zero and needs to be refilled once again.

But when players start to reach the level of filling these meters up completely, it goes across four levels on the basis of how much it is filled.Growth Gun, Sticky Shot, Wild Warhead and the Multiply Mortar are the four different levels.

The first gets triggered after two winning spins, with the Sticky Shot getting activated after four. Wild Warhead gets triggered after five spins and the huge Multiply Mortar feature comes in after six winning spins. This allows players for a win spin and this has a guaranteed win, allowing players to multiply 15 with a random multiplier and that is the total winning of the player.


Us at rank Sea Hunter high because of how it allows players consistent and regular wins throughout the passage. This makes it a unique and different game, as compared to the other games.

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