Sizzling spins

Sizzling Spins is a very interesting online slot game that is offered by Play’n Go and is provided to many casino websites. The game revolves around a barbeque that helps players in getting higher rewards once it sizzles in the game. Online betting experts and those interested in casinos can look forward to potentially earning rewards of as much as 5000:1, if they potentially win their bet.

The game is based on a summer/BBQ theme and the fact that there are 243 ways to win this game makes it very lucrative for betters and casino-lovers alike. They can certainly look forward to play it and investing their money in it regularly on Kasinoz.

How to play Sizzling Spins

The game can be played on multiple platforms. It is available on PC, Android and apple devices and this is a crucial aspect for those who are looking to invest in it.

The game involves vegetables and symbols like chicken, shrimp, sausages and ribs. The highest betting to experience is 10:1 and that is activated once all five correct symbols are lined up in the correct order.

The best symbol that can be found in this game is the salmon symbol, which appears in a rather rare way in the Sizzling Spins game. The vegetables like mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions carry a lesser value, while the non-vegetarian things carry a higher value all the time.

The RTP for this game is high at 96 percent, making it lucrative for betting and seeking casino rewards for players. While this allows for as many as 5000x times a reward from the original bet, this is a game that can take as much time as the barbecue because of a high variance and it is tough to get a multiplier in this game.

Bonus feature

The foil appears in rare situations in this game it provides the potential for bonuses. On its own, it doesn’t do much. This closed foil parcel usually acts like a block. But once it lands on the hot reel, that is when a real chance arrives.

This then turns into a wild card and allows for a re-spin of the other reels. Through this, players can have the chance of finding another wild card foil and increase their rewards even more. But it is key to note that finding these foils is tough, but it will show how lucky you are on the day. The important thing is to use them wisely.


The betting options for Sizzling Spins are high. Bettors can initially bet up to to 111 on the game and this makes it very interesting for experts and those starting off their casino journeys alike too. As the game goes on, the more interesting it gets.

The initial 10x prize doesn’t sound too high, but these betting awards on the casino rise over time and that is why it is a potentially lucrative game for anyone to try.