Street magic

What is Street Magic?

Street Magic is a Play’n Go slot game.. Those interested in betting and winning rewards through casinos can earn up to 5,000 times of their bets on Street Magic, making the game a very interesting option to play on.

What does the game involve?

The game involves a magician, who plays a key role in the sort of rewards that the casino players would reap in the game. He’s more like an illusionist who performs tricks and helps the players in unlocking many special slot combinations in the game and potentially seek coins from.

What do the symbols mean?

The game has a total of five reels in it and as many as four rows. It offers a total of 20 paylines that can offer payment from either left or on the right. Scatters though, are able to help the player to receive payment in any direction in the game. The game uses regular suit symbols – spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts.

The idea of the game is to match these symbols across the 20 paylines in the 5 x4 grid to win the game. The magician helps the betters with this.

But the highest symbol is the wild symbol and the ring. The wild symbol is indeed the magician or the illusionist, which can be substituted for any symbol and that includes the special scatter symbol too.

When two magician symbols come together, they trigger a magic trick. There are three sorts of magic tricks. The first is called the Expanding Man, the second is called the Transporting Man, while the third is called the Wild Shuffle.

In case three magicians come together, players get a free slot game and this makes the Street Magic game a very intriguing and lucrative one for those who play slot games regularly. These are bonus features that can be unlocked by players because of the magician’s tricks.

Rewards and betting

Matching five of the symbols of a higher value can award players a maximum buyout of 2500x, while matching only three symbols can award players a payout of 40x. In many ways, the more symbols players match, the higher is the potential reward on their bets.

Matching five symbols of low-paying icons will pay out only 100x of the initial bet. So it is more lucrative to match the higher value symbols as they help players attain higher rewards.

The minimum bet on this game happens to be €0.20, with the maximum being €100. There is a potential RTP for as much as €500000. That is another reason for why it is another interesting betting option for those who put their money on casinos regularly.

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