Sweet alchemy

Sweet Alchemy slot game is a 2018 offering from the company Play N ‘Go which operates on a five by five reel during regular game modes, and increases to nine by nine during bonus games.

This slot game is all about sweets. Similar to candy crush, the symbols are all sweet treats, such as pastilles, beans, sugar cubes and hearts. To win, all players need to do is achieve a cluster of four symbols, whether this be along a line, in a square, or diagonally. There are three different wilds, striped sweets, spotted sweets, and regular sweets, which are there to help you form the best combinations possible!

The Sugar Rush Meter

Every win that you achieve consecutively fills up the sugar rush meter. This meter rewards players with extra wilds to further increase your chances of winning. Fill up the meter, and you activate the Mix the Elixir free round, where you are given a number of free spins to try and maximise profits. To help with this, the reel becomes nine by nine, hugely increasing your chances of walking away with fantastic prizes.

Sweet Alchemy Free Play

Slot Games can be confusing, and Sweet Alchemy slot game is certainly more complex than others. Indeed, it comes with a comprehensive instructions page when you first play it. As with most Play N’Go games, there is the opportunity for demo/free play. Sweet Alchemy free play will allow you to learn the basic principles of the game and how the bonus features without having to risk any money whatsoever. You can also decide whether you like the concept of the game; whilst reviews such as this one aim to be informative, there really is no substitute for experiencing the game yourself. As such, we strongly recommend giving Sweet Alchemy Free Play a try before moving to the full game.

How much could I win playing the Sweet Alchemy Slot Game?

Sweet Alchemy has a return to player (RTP) of 96.52%. This means that on average, for every €10,000 spent on the game by players, €9652 will be returned to the playerbase. This does not apply solely to you, but rather to everyone, so you may get returns significantly different to this. However, it does offer fantastic opportunities to gain big profits and not lose a lot of money in the process. That being said, it of course remains important to gamble responsibly, only bet what you can afford to lose, and not chase your losses.

Betting on sweet alchemy can start from as little as €0.10, whilst those with bigger budgets can stake up to €100 per spin. There is also an autoplay function, if you wish to set the wheels in motion and let the game take its own form. The wide variety in stake means that it is possible for any players to enjoy Sweet Alchemy, and the possible returns stand at 3000 times your stake, which sees jackpots as high as €3,000,000 available when betting at maximum stake.

Sweet Alchemy slot game- The Verdict:

If you were one of the many people addicted to candy crush, you will love this game! Although it is more complex than many other slot games available, its complexity ensures that you cannot become easily bored with it. We strongly recommend that you give Sweet Alchemy free play a spin before committing to spending money, but even if you skip this step we are confident you will have a great experience.