Tivoli bonanza

The funfair and amusement parks will always provide many with plenty of excitement and developers Play N’ Go have certainly tried to cash in on the feelings associated with those entertainment avenues with their Tivoli Bonanza slot game.

The game certainly has a feel about it that carries the fun-factor that many will associate with the attractions, via the use of the background imagery, the graphics and the symbols used, whilst the soundtrack certainly helps to bring a realistic atmosphere to the user experience.

As we carried out our Tivoli Bonanza slot review, we came across a number of intriguing things that have been implemented in the game that will certainly help those that are looking at this Play N’ Go title as a possible option in their rotation of games.

RTP (return to player)

The first thing to note was that the return to player rate (RTP) can vary depending on how Tivoli Bonanza is played. There are a maximum of nine paylines available, which sees the RTP rate sit at 93.05% – which could be argued to be on the low side, already. However, if players want to play the game with fewer paylines (which can be altered), then the RTP rate is at 85.89%.

Interestingly, the 93.05% RTP rate also includes the progressive jackpots that are available in the slot game.


When doing our Tivoli Bonanza slot review, we came across an option whereby we were able to customise the gameplay experience offered within the game.

Play N’ Go may have kept things simple with this title, however there are a number of options to change things up a little.

The number of ‘coins’ being used can be altered between one and five per payline, whereas the ‘coin value’ is set at 0.10. As mentioned, bettors have the possibility of changing the number of ‘paylines’ that are winnable, from one to nine all selectable.

Naturally, there are ‘Spin’ and ‘Auto Spin’ buttons also available, with the latter allowing for a number of spins to be made in succession.

Feature Bonuses

We know looking for Tivoli Bonanza bonus features are an important feature of any slot game review and you will be pleased to know that we managed to uncover a couple in this Play N’ Go title.

The first Tivoli Bonanza bonus feature we managed to find was a symbol which is represented by four small diamonds. Upon inspection, we found that this is the scatter symbol and it grants rewards of a player’s bet. The bigger the combinations, the bigger the reward. For instance, two will provide a multiplier of two, whereas five of them will land a whooping 400x the bet as a reward.

However, the main symbol in the game is the Tivoli symbol. This is represented by a firework show and if this is landed on, players will be rewarded handsomely. During our Tivoli Bonanza review, we found that a progressive jackpot will be won when three, four or five are landed on with a maximum bet, whilst a reward of 50, 500 or 5,000 coins will be awarded for anything smaller.

Three of these icons will achieve the 3-Scoops Jackpot, whereas four symbols will give players the Sweet Jackpot. Land five across the reels, then the Diamond Jackpot is won. For those that want to win the Tivoli Jackpot, they will all need to land on the ninth payline within the game.

Our Tivoli Bonanza Review

Our Tivoli Bonanza review found out so much about Play N’ Go’s simple but enjoyable slot game. Although the developers could be accused of not doing much in regards to the theme of the game, it can still be considered a good slot game for those players looking to start out or for those bettors who just want an easy gameplay experience. We can definitely recommend Tivoli Bonanza as a game that should be given a go- try the Free Play mode now!