Viking runecraft

Take a step back in time with Play’N Go’s latest offering, Viking Runecraft. Played on a seven by seven grid, the Norse-themed game boasts fantastic visual art, a cascade feature and 10,000 levels to make your way through. All of this means that it fully warrants a place on your list of favourites, and is another in a long line of fantastic Play’N Go slot games, as this Viking Runecraft game review will demonstrate.

Viking Runecraft free play

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Play N’Go games is the free play option which is released alongside the full game. This feature is fantastic for those stuck on the fence with whether to give the paid game a spin, and can allow beginners to get to grips with the various symbols in Viking Runecraft, and understand the mechanisms that result in wins. All in all, the Viking Runecraft free play option is one which we highly recommend that you take full advantage of when making up your mind about whether you want to play this beautiful game.

Symbols in the Viking Runecraft slot game

As the name suggests, players will see plenty of Norse themed symbols. There are nine basic symbols, which see axes, hammers, necklaces and helmets joined by five lower value runes, all symbols directly tying into one part of the title. The wild symbols are Norse Gods, of which four are seen in this slot game. Thor, Odin, Freya and Heimdall all make their way onto the reels in order to improve your chances of winning big. The cascade engine is another means by which you keep winning, as each successful line that players create is removed and replaced by another set of symbols, which have the chance to create new winning paylines.

Bonus Feature- The Charge of Destruction

One of the best features of the Viking Runecraft slot game is the Charge of Destruction bonus feature. For every win you achieve in regular game-play, a charge bar set to one side of the reels is slowly filled. When this is eventually filled, one of four bonus features will be randomly selected and applied to your game.

Fury of Fenrir– With this feature, four diagonal lines are chosen, two are removed whilst all symbols on the other two become the same, which can seriously improve any chances players have of winning.

Lure of Loki- Loki the God of trickery removes all of one symbol, while replacing another symbol with a third, reducing the number of winning lines but also the number of possible combinations available on the reels.

Judgement of Jörmungand- Jormungand blazes a path through the reels, destroying subsequent symbols from one side to the other. Those that he destroys are replaced with new symbols.

Scorching of Surtr- Surtr uses his flaming sword to set alight a set of three symbols, the fire on which then spreads to some of the surrounding symbols. Out of the burning ruin, new symbols replace those destroyed, which can increase chances of creating winning paylines.

Viking Runecraft Slot Game RTP

To accompany this impressive set of features, Viking Runecraft also boasts an RTP of 96.7%, meaning that $96.70 of every $100 is returned to players while playing this fun slot, although this could vary significantly from person to person. Betting can begin from as little as $0.10, whilst those after a bigger risk can stake up to $100 on every spin.

Vikings Runecraft Slot Review

As this Viking Runecraft slot game review has made abundantly clear, this is a very fun and enjoyable game, whether players are staking the minimum bet or large amounts. The competitive RTP means that you are unlikely to feel cheated when playing this game, although there is something of a steep learning curve, even steeper for those new to slot games. For this reason, we would thoroughly recommend trying out the Viking Runecraft free play option that is available, in order to get to grips with the game and decide whether you wish to ascend into the world of Viking mythology.